Accucore* RP-MS Defender* Guard Cartridges

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Accucore RP-MS Defender Guard Cartridges offer easy, economical protection of the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Thermo Scientific Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations – without the elevated backpressures required by sub-2µm particles.

  • New design protects the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific Uniguard* direct-connection and stand alone holders, sold separately
  • Fast separations with excellent resolution and sensitivity
  • Lower backpressures so that UHPLC is not required
  • Optimized for MS detection
  • Excellent Peak Shapes
  • Excellent Combination of Speed and Efficiency
Particle ShapeSpherical Solid-core
Particle Size2.6µm
Pore Size80 Angstrom
Surface Area130m2/g
Carbon Load7%
pH Range1 to 11
Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1217F6417626-012105Accucore RP-MS 10×2.1mm Defender guards pk4
1217F6517626-013005Accucore RP-MS 10×3.0mm Defender guards pk4
1217F6617626-014005Accucore RP-MS 10×4.6mm Defender guards pk4