Ascentis® Express Phenyl-Hexyl

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The Phenyl-Hexyl phase has unique selectivity arising from solute interaction with the aromatic ring and its delocalized electrons. It is complementary (orthogonal) to both C18 and RP-Amide phases because of this unique aromaticity. The Phenyl-Hexyl phase also tend to exhibit good shape selectivity, which may originate from solute multipoint interaction with the planar ring system. More retention and selectivity will often be observed for solutes with aromatic electron-withdrawing groups (fluorine, nitro, etc.) or with a delocalized heterocyclic ring system such as the benzodiazepine compounds.

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21A00L98253342-U53342-U Ascentis(R) Express Phenyl-Hexyl, 2.7 mum HPLC Column 2.7 mum particle size, L x I.D. 5 cm x 3 mm