BL Series Dosing Pumps

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Blackstone pumps are more accurate than standard pumps due to the positive displacement design ensuring each stroke is identical to the strokes before and after it, thus keeping the flow rate consistent. A wide range of BlackStone pumps with different dosing capacities are available for your specific dosing needs.

  • Manufactured with the highest level of mechanical precision from materials chosen for their inherent ability to resist the effects of aggressive chemicals.
  • Designed to meet the ever changing needs of process industry.
  • Each pump is supplied with discharge and suction valves.
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Typical Installations


BlackStone’s positive displacement solenoid driven pumps use a minimum number of moving parts, therefore reducing the chance of mechanical failure. Part wear and oiling associated with motor driven pumps (ball-bearings, gear drives and cams) are not a concern with these pumps.

Blackstone pumps are completely sealed during assembly and offer IP65 protection against splashes and spills providing excellent protection even in hostile environments. The fiber-reinforced polypropylene housing stands up to aggressive chemicals while offering superior strength under tough industrial conditions.



PartMax OutputRated Pressure
With Large Diaphragm            
BL2018.3 lph (4.8 gph) 0.5 bar (7.4 psi)
BL1515.2 lph (4.0 gph) 1 bar (14.5 psi)
BL1010.8 lph (2.9 gph) 3 bar (43.5 psi)
BL77.6 lph (2.0 gph) 3 bar (43.5 psi)
With Small Diaphragm       
 BL5 5.0 lph (1.3 gph)      7 bar (101.5 psi)
BL3  2.9 lph (0.8 gph) 8 bar (116 psi)
BL1.5  1.5 lph (0.4 gph)13 bar (188.5 psi)



bl-kit-hi721101HI721101 This kit contains the PVDF pump head, PTFE coated O-ring, 6 screws and washers. 
bl-kit-hi721102HI721102 This kit contains all the necessary replacement parts  for your discharge valve assembly. Complete with a FPM/FKM O-ring, glass valve ball, the valve spacer and seat, head nipple and the tube nut to secure the assembled parts.
bl-assembly-hi721103HI721103 Suction valve assembly, complete with a FPM/FKM O-ring, glass valve ball, the valve spacer and seat, head nipple and the tube nut to secure the  assembled parts.
bl-complete-injection-nipple-hi721004HI721004 Complete with an injection nipple, PTFE coated spring, glass valve ball and a valve assembly.
kit-filters-hi721005HI721005 This kit contains a filter with a filter holder  and a valve assembly.
kit-contains-10-glass-balls-hi721003HI721003 This kit contains 10 glass balls and 10 valve O-rings.
kit-contains-4-springs-hi721006HI721006 This kit contains 4 PVDF springs.

HI720030 LDPE hose, 10 m (33’). Inside diameter 4.71 mm Outside diameter 7.87 mm 

HI720031 LDPE hose, 50 m (165’). Inside diameter 4.71 mm, Outside diameter 7.87 mm

HI720032 LPDE hose, 100 m (333’). Inside diameter 4.71 mm, Outside diameter 7.87 mm 


HI721008 This kit contains 4 ceramic weights.