Bond Elut Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge

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A medium polarity sorbent with many uses, Bond Elut Cyano (CN) SPE products are available as either endcapped (CN-E) or unendcapped (CN-U) versions. Both the Bond Elut CN-E and Bond Elut CN-U products are available in a 40 µm particle size. Bond Elut CN-E is ideal for applications in which extremely nonpolar compounds would be irreversibly retained on high carbon load sorbents, such as C8 and C18. This endcapped version of the cyano sorbent is best used when extracting analytes from an aqueous matrix. Bond Elut CN-U is a good choice for very polar analytes that may be irreversibly retained on SI or Diol (2OH) SPE phases. Bond Elut CN-U is ideally suited for the extraction of polar compounds from a nonpolar matrix, such as hexane or oils.

This product is only available to U.S. Domestic Customers.

For research use only, not to be used in diagnostic procedures.

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19A00A22412113033Bond Elut LRC-CN-E, 500mg, 50/PK