Hypersil GOLD PFP 3µm Columns

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  • The fluorine atoms around the phenyl ring enhance pi-pi interactions with aromatic molecules
  • Alternative selectivity to C18
  • Extra retention for halogenated species
  • Selectvity for non-halogenated polar compounds
  • Excellent peak shape and sensitivity
  • 1.9µm particle size columns can be used to improve speed and efficiency

Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD PFP HPLC Columns introduce a fluorine group into the stationary phase for significant changes in solute-stationary phase interaction. Based on high purity silica, Hypersil GOLD is a state of the art family of columns designed to meet the challenges of modern chromatography.

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1222R7825403-052130Hypersil GOLD PFP 3µm 50 x 2.1mm Column