Hypersil™ MOS C8 LC Columns

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  • Reliable, less retentive phase
  • Long column lifetimes, even under basic conditions
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 quality guidelines
  • Affordable

Thermo Scientific Hypersil MOS (C8) Columns have a monolayer coverage of C8 alkyl chain chemically bonded onto the silica surface for a reproducible and efficient stationary phase.

Classical Hypersil stationary phases have global recognition as an industry standard in HPLC, providing an effective analytical tool. Introduced in 1976, Hypersil phases are well-established and are referenced in many HPLC methods worldwide. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the only manufacturer of Hypersil silica and bonded phases.

Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1222R7930205-154630MOS Hypersil 5µm 150×4.6mm Column
1165U4830205-202130MOS Hypersil 5µm 200×2.1mm Column