pH Electrode for Direct Cheese Measurements (use w/ HI98165)

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The FC2423 pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor features a stainless steel body with a conic glass tip which allows for penetrations into solids, semi-solids and emulsions for direct measurement of pH in cheese products.

  • Stainless steel sheath for protection on the manufacturing floor.
  • Built-in temperature sensor ensures fast, accurately compensated readings even during sudden temperature fluctuations.
  • Designed for direct measurements in cheese and cheese products.
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This specialized electrode offers numerous features that improve pH testing for cheese producers. The robust stainless steel sheath paired with the conical sensing tip allows for penetration in cheese at various points throughout the production process. An integrated temperature sensor also ensures that all pH measurements are compensated for temperature without the need for a separate temperature probe.


Stainless Steel Body

The AISI 316 stainless steel body offers durability in the production facility and can withstand chloride concentrations that cause corrosion in other types of alloys.

Viscolene electrolyte

The viscolene electrolyte offers a hard gel interface between the inner electrode components and the sample being measured. The electrolyte is silver-free for use in cheese products and is maintenance-free.

Conic Glass Tip

The conical shaped tip design allows for penetration into solids, semi-solids, and emulsions for the direct measurement of pH in samples such as cheese.


Low Temperature Glass

The FC2423 electrode uses Low Temperature (LT) glass for the sensing bulb. The LT glass tip is a lower resistance glass formulation. As the temperature of the sensing glass decreases, the resistance of the LT glass will increase approaching that of standard glass at ambient temperatures. The FC2423 is suitable to use with samples that measure from 0 to 50°C.

Built-In Temperature Sensor

Errors in calibration and measurement are eliminated with the Automatic Temperature Compensation provided by the integrated thermistor temperature sensor.




Specification NameDetail
Descriptionpre-amplified pH / temperature probe
Junction / Flow Rateopen
Max Pressure0.1 bar
RangepH: 0 to 12
Recommended Operating Temperature0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F) – LT
Tip / Shapeconic (6 x8 mm)
Temperature Sensoryes
Body Materialtitanium
Cablecoaxial; 1 m (3.3’)
Recommended Usepenetration, cheese
Special Note* Recommended for use with HI98165 and HI99165 pH meter