pH Electrode with Built-In Temperature Sensor and DIN Connector for Field Applications

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The HI1618D is a plastic, gel, single junction pH electrode with a DIN connector. This electrode has a cloth junction. This pre-amplified electrode features a built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements in a single probe design. This design consideration is ideal for field applications. The HI1618D is recommended for use with Hanna’s HI98140, HI98150, HI98230, HI98240 pH meters.

  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Cloth junction
  • Perfect for field applications with the HI98140, HI98150, HI98230, HI98240 pH meters
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Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of pH electrodes that are designed for many different applications. The type of glass used for sensing pH, bulb shape, body material, type of junction, type of reference and electrolyte used are just some of the design considerations.

The HI1618D pH electrode for field uses general-purpose (GP) glass, spherical bulb, polyetherimide (PEI) body, single ceramic frit, and double junction.

General Purpose Glass Formulation

General Purpose (GP) glass, as the name implies, is a standard glass formulation that is used for general use. A pH electrode with GP glass will have a resistance of 100 megaohms at 25°C and is suited for measuring pH of samples that are at ambient temperatures. The HI1618D is suitable to use with samples that measure from 0 to 70°C.

Spherical Bulb

The spherical bulb is for general purpose use. Other tip shapes include conic for penetration and flat tip for surface measurements.

PEI Body

The body of the HI1618D is composed of polyetherimide (PEI) resin. The PEI body is suitable for a wide range of applications and excels in field measurements due to its durability. The shielding around the spherical glass tip minimizes breakage due to accidental bumping or dropping of the electrode. The PEI plastic is a high-quality plastic that is chemically resistant to many aggressive chemicals.

Gel Filled

uses a gel electrolyte. The gel-filled probe is ideal for the lab that wants maintenance-free operation other than routine cleaning and calibration. The HI1618D does not require a refill electrolyte solution.

DIN Connector

The HI1618D uses a DIN connector. This type of connector is generally proprietary to the meters they are supplied with and may not be interchangeable. The HI1618D is recommended for use with Hanna’s HI98140, HI98150, HI98230, HI98240 pH meters. Other types of connectors include BNC, screw type, T-type, and 3.5mm to name a few.



Specification NameDetail
Referencesingle, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Ratecloth
Max Pressure2 bar
RangepH: 0 to 13
Recommended Operating Temperature20 to 40°C (68 to 104°F)
Tip / Shapespheric (dia: 5 mm)
Diameter12 mm
Body Length120 mm / 175.5 mm
Temperature Sensoryes
Matching Pinno
Body MaterialPEI
Cable7-pole; 1 m (3.3′)
Recommended Usefield applications