Soil Moisture, Temperature, And Salinity Recorder

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Soil Moisture, Temperature, And Salinity Recorder

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Soil Moisture, Temperature, And Salinity Recorder


Ø Small and exquisite, easy to carry and LCD display;

Ø Collect settings: working unattended can be set to timing or manual collect data, recording and save data automatically;

Ø Both AC and DC available, internal lithium battery: 8.4v 1500mAh, with function: charging protection, low voltage prompt. Also can be placed for a long time to record location;

Ø Storage capacity: up to 30,000 groups in handset, and standard equipped with 4G Micro SD.

Ø Data can be read on handset and also import to PC.

Ø Power-off memory function: data already saved in SD card won’t lose when lose power.

Ø Probe to probe Consistency, handset can connect different kinds sensor by concentrator without influence on accuracy.

Ø Auto detection: when sensor connects to handset, you can search different sensor.

Ø Synchronous detection: 32 channels to detect same time as you combine.

Ø RS485 wire communication, sensor communication cables could reach about 100 meters.

Ø Low-power design, equipped with system monitor and protection function to avoid short circuit or interference from external.


Ø Showing the curve trends of each parameter, Max, Min, and Avg. Zoom in and out function.

Ø Coloring the overrun area function which is visual display.

Ø Save the data in EXCEL format as a copy.

Ø Be able to view period of parameter or graph, and can be printed.

Ø All curvilinear coordinates can be set and move, which make analysis easier.

Technical Parameters:




Detect soil moisture, content temperature, and salinity same time

Soil Temperature

Unit: °C

Range: -40°C~100°C

Accuracy: ±0.5°C

Resolution: 0.1°C

Soil Moisture Content

Unit: %(m³ )

Range: 0~100%

Response time: ≤ 2s

Relative error: ≤3%

Soil Salinity

Range: 0~19.99ms/cm

Sensors can be buried into soil.

Storage Capacity

Almost up to 30,000 groups in handset, and equipped with 4G Micro SD.

Data-Collection Interval


Working Power Supply

Battery: 8.4V lithium battery;

Power Adapter:100~240V 50/60Hz

Working Current

Stand-by power consumption 10mA, working power consumption according to the configuration.

Package Size(L*W*H) mm


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