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EC Number: 276-161-8

eCl@ss 32110501

General Description
The amino column is most often employed for the separation of mono- and disaccharides. As a normal-phase application, amino columns are used in the petroleum industry.

Legal Information
SUPELCOSIL is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Feature: endcapped

Extent of Labeling: 3% Carbon loading

Limit: ≤70°C temp. range

Application(s): HPLC: suitable

L × I.D.: 25 cm × 4 mm

Surface Coverage: surface coverage 5.1 μmol/m2

Matrix: silica gel, spherical particle platform

Matrix Active Group: amino phase

Particle Size: 5 μm

Pore Size: 120 Å

Surface Area: 170 m2/g

Suitability: suitable for L8 per USP

Mode of Chromatography: Hydrophilic interaction (HILIC); Hydrophilic interaction (HILIC); Normal phase

Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1179R6958338C40SUPELCOSIL™ LC-NH2 HPLC Column 5 µm particle size, L × I.D. 25 cm × 4 mm