YMC HPLC Polyamine II Normal-Phase Column

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YMC-Pack Polyamine II is a silica-based packing bonded with polyamine. It is particularly useful for separation of sugars. The column life of YMC-Pack Polyamine II in aqueous mobile phase is longer than conventional silica-based amino columns, and thus is applicable to separation of oligosaccharides using mobile phase with relatively higher water content. In addition, YMC-Pack Polyamine II can be used to separate ionic compounds with a combination of normal-phase mode and weak anion exchange mode.

  • Silica gel chemically bonded to polyamine
  • Silica gel chemically bonded to polyamine
  • Solves durability problem of conventional silica-based amino columns
  • Useful for separation of hydrophilic compounds including vitamins
  • Useful for separation of fat-soluble compounds using nonaqueous mobile phase
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1205C53PB12S05-0104WFGPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 10x4mm Ferruled Guard Column
1205C54PB12S05-0105WFGPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 10x5mm Ferruled Guard Column
1205C55PB12S05-0310WTGPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 30x10mm Guard Column
1205C56PB12S05-0520WTGPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 50x20mm Guard Column
1205C57PB12S05-1503WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 150x3mm Column
1205C58PB12S05-1506WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 150x6mm Column
1205C59PB12S05-1546WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 150×4.6mm Column
1205C60PB12S05-2502WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250x2mm Column
1205C61PB12S05-2503WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250x3mm Column
1205C62PB12S05-2506WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250x6mm Column
1205C63PB12S05-2510WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250x10mm Column
1205C64PB12S05-2520WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250x20mm Column
1205C65PB12S05-2546WTPolyamine II, 120A, 5um, 250×4.6mm Column
1181Z85PB12S05-01Q1GCPolyamine II, 5um, 120A, 10×2.1mm Guard Cartridges (requires holder 1205L04)
1181Z86PB12S05-0204GCPolyamine II, 5um, 120A, 20x4mm Guard Cartridges (requires holder 1205L05)