ZORBAX Gf-250 and Gf-450gel Filtration Columns

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  • High efficiency and reproducibility with short analysis time
  • Hydrophilic diol bonded phase for good protein recovery
  • Compatible with organic modifiers and denaturants
  • Wide usable pH range (pH 3-8)

ZORBAX GF-250 and GF-450 size exclusion (gel filtration) columns are ideal for the size separations of proteins and other biomolecules. The separation range is 4,000-900,000 for globular proteins when using GF-250 and GF-450 columns in series. The GF-250/GF-450 size exclusion columns have a hydrophilic diol bonded phase for high recovery of proteins (typicall >90%) and a unique zirconia modification of the silica to extend the pH range from 3-8. The GF-250 and GF-450 columns are packed with precisely sized porous silica microspheres with narrow pore size and particle size distributions. The result is a highly efficient, rugged and reproducible size exclusion column for separations of proteins with flow rates of up to 3 ml/min. These columns are compatible with organic modifiers (<25%) and denaturants in the mobile phase to eliminate protein aggregation for proper size determination. Some common applications include separations of protein monomers, dimers and aggregates, desalting, protein molecular weight estimation and separations of modified proteins.

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