Accucore* PFP Defender* Guard Cartridges

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Accucore PFP Defender Guard Cartridges offer easy, economical protection of the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Thermo Scientific Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations – without the elevated backpressures required by sub-2µm particles.

  • New design protects the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific Uniguard* direct-connection and stand alone holders, sold separately
  • Fast separations with excellent resolution and sensitivity
  • Lower backpressures so that UHPLC is not required
  • Alternative Selectivity to C18
  • Extra Retention for Halogenated Species
  • Unique Selectivity for Non-halogenated Polar Compounds
Particle ShapeSpherical Solid-core
Particle Size2.6µm
Pore Size80 Angstrom
Surface Area130m2/g
Carbon Load5%
USP TypeL43
pH Range2 to 8
Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1217F7417426-013005Accucore PFP 10×3.0mm Defender guards pk4
1217F7517426-014005Accucore PFP 10×4.6mm Defender guards pk4