YMC HPLC Pro C18 Reversed-Phase Column

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The choice of columns for analysis of difficult compounds by HPLC YMC-Pack Pro C18 columns start with a tightly controlled, highly purified silica gel, followed by a high-coverage C18 bonding and finish with a unique endcapping procedure utilizing Lewis acid-Lewis base chemistry. 2 µm particle size columns YMC-UltraHT series are specifically designed for high-speed and high throughput analysis. Together, these provide unequaled separations with sharp and symmetrical peaks for all types of organic molecules, especially basic pharmaceuticals and chelating compounds.

Application: For Antiepileptics, Flavanone Glycosides

  • High performance, reproducible, reliable columns designed for the most demanded HPLC
  • Made with highly inert, ultrapure, pH neutral silica
  • Extremely rigorous physical and chemical specifications
  • Novel Lewis acid/Lewis base endcapping
  • Very high efficiency columns, typically 100,000 to 120,000 plates/metre for 5µm and 130,000 to 150,000 plates/metre for 3µm packings
  • Continues YMC proven batch-to-batch and column-to-column reproducibility
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1206Q54AS12S11-0520WTGPro C18, 120A, 10um, 50x20mm Guard Column
1206Q55AS12S11-0530WTGPro C18, 120A, 10um, 50x30mm Guard Column
1206Q56AS12S11-0551DRGPro C18, 120A, 10um, 50x50mm Flanged Guard Column
1206Q57AS12S11-1020WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 100x20mm Column
1206Q58AS12S11-1520WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 150x20mm Column
1206Q59AS12S11-1530WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 150x30mm Column
1206Q60AS12S11-1546WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 150×4.6mm Column
1206Q61AS12S11-2520WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 250x20mm Column
1206Q62AS12S11-2530WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 250x30mm Column
1206Q63AS12S11-2546WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 250×4.6mm Column
1206Q64AS12S11-2551DRPro C18, 120A, 10um, 250x50mm Flanged Column
1206Q65AS12S11-5020WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 500x20mm Column
1206Q66AS12S11-5030WTPro C18, 120A, 10um, 500x30mm Column
1206Q67AS12S11-5051DRPro C18, 120A, 10um, 500x50mm Flanged Column