Rt-ßDEXsa Columns (fused silica)

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2,3-di-acetoxy-6-O-tert-butyl dimethylsilyl beta cyclodextrin added into 14% cyanopropylphenyl/86% dimethyl polysiloxane

By adding β or γ cyclodextrin to our bonded Rtx-1701 stationary phase, we greatly enhance overall utility and column lifetime for our chiral columns, compared to columns that have pure cyclodextrin stationary phases. Separations of more than one hundred chiral compounds have been achieved using our unique DEX columns, and our columns continue to demonstrate stability after hundreds of temperature program cycles.

Uses: Unique selectivity for esters, lactones, and other fruit flavor components.

Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1170K3813109Chiral Cap. Column Rt-bDEXsa 30m, 0.25mm ID, 0.25um
1170K3713108Chiral Cap. Column Rt-bDEXsa 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.25um