YMC HPLC ODS-A Reversed-Phase C18 Column

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ODS-A is a high coverage, fully endcapped C18 phase which exhibits exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility. ODS-A columns are noted for their high efficiency, selectivity and long lifetimes.

Application: For Analgesics, Carotene

  • Highly versatile ODS phase
  • Selectivity for polar to moderately nonpolar pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, biologicals and natural products
Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1206L53AA30S16-0520WTGODS-A, 300A, 15um, 50x20mm Guard Column
1206L54AA30S16-0530WTGODS-A, 300A, 15um, 50x30mm Guard Column
1206L55AA30S16-0551DRGODS-A, 300A, 15um, 50x50mm Flanged Guard Column
1206L56AA30S16-1520WTODS-A, 300A, 15um, 150x20mm Column
1206L57AA30S16-2520WTODS-A, 300A, 15um, 250x20mm Column
1206L58AA30S16-2530WTODS-A, 300A, 15um, 250x30mm Column
1206L59AA30S16-2551DRODS-A, 300A, 15um, 250x50mm Flanged Column
1206L60AA30S16-5020WTODS-A, 300A, 15um, 500x20mm Column
1206L61AA30S16-5030WTODS-A, 300A, 15um, 500x30mm Column
1206L62AA30S16-5051DRODS-A, 300A, 15um, 500x50mm Flanged Column