YMC Sumichiral OA3200 Analytical Guard Column

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SUMICHIRAL OA columns are high-performance chiral columns for enantiomer separation by HPLC. On SUMICHIRAL OA columns direct separation of various enantiomers can be realized effectively. Enantiomeric separation is achieved from the various diastereomeric interactions such as hydrogen bonding, charge transfer and host-guest interactions, etc. SUMICHIRAL OA columns are very useful for the accurate determination of the optical purity and for the preparation of pure enantiomers of biologically active compounds such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and perfumes.

Application: For Enantiomer Separation by HPLC

  • The large number of theoretical plates of the columns offers high resolution
  • The packing materials have chemical stability and the columns have long life
  • The enantiomeric stationary phases give the inverse elution orders, resulting in accurate determination of the optical purity and efficient preparation of the enantiomer are
Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1205L34YOA3200-0104Sumichiral OA3200 5um 10x4mm
1205L35YOA3200-2508Sumichiral OA3200 5um 250x8mm
1205L36YOA3200-2520Sumichiral OA3200 5um 250x20mm
1205L37YOA3200-2546Sumichiral OA3200 5um 250×4.6mm
1205L38YOA3200R-0104Sumichiral OA3200 Inv. 5um 10x4mm
1205L39YOA3200R-2508Sumichiral OA3200 Inv. 5um 250x8mm
1205L40YOA3200R-2520Sumichiral OA3200 Inv. 5um 250x20mm
1205L41YOA3200R-2546Sumichiral OA3200 Inv. 5um 250×4.6mm