ZORBAX Eclipse Plus

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ZORBAX Eclipse Plus HPLC columns are the ideal first choice for method development of all samples. Available in C18, C8, Phenyl Hexyl and PAH.

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Plus C18



Plus C8


DescriptionSize (mm)Particle
Size (µm)
Thomas No. Thomas No.
Analytical4.6 x 2505  1232Y00
Analytical4.6 x 1005  1232X83
Analytical4.6 x 505  1232X74
Rapid Resolution4.6 x 1503.5  1232X99
Rapid Resolution4.6 x 1003.5  1232X89
Rapid Resolution4.6 x 753.5  1232X85
Rapid Resolution4.6 x 503.5  1232X80
Rapid Resolution4.6 x 303.5  1232X73
Rapid Resolution HT, 600 bar4.6 x 1001.81232Y05 1232Y06
Rapid Resolution HT, 600 bar4.6 x 501.8  1232X94
Rapid Resolution HT, 600 bar4.6 x 301.81232X77 1232X78
Solvent Saver3.0 x 1505  1232X95
Solvent Saver Plus3.0 x 1503.5  1232X98
Solvent Saver Plus3.0 x 1003.5  1232X88
Solvent Saver HT, 600 bar3.0 x 1001.81232Y03 1232Y04
Solvent Saver HT, 600 bar3.0 x 501.81232X92 1232X93
Narrow Bore2.1 x 1505  1232X86
Narrow Bore RR2.1 x 505  1232X79
Narrow Bore RR2.1 x 1503.5  1232X97
Narrow Bore RR2.1 x 1003.5  1232X87
Narrow Bore RR2.1 x 503.5  1232X84
Narrow Bore RR2.1 x 303.5  1232X72
Narrow Bore RRHT, 600 bar2.1 x 1001.81232Y01 1232Y02
Narrow Bore RRHT, 600 bar2.1 x 501.8  1232X91
Narrow Bore RRHT, 600 bar2.1 x 301.81232X75 1232X76
Guard Cartridges, 4/pk4.6 x 12.55  1232X65
Guard Cartridges, 4pk2.1 x 12.55  1232X66
Guard Hardware Kit  2715A39 2715A39
Thomas NoMfr NoDescription
1232X65820950-937Eclipse Plus C8, Grd, 4.6 X 12.5mm, 5um
1232X66821125-937Eclipse Plus C8, Grd, 2.1 X 12.5mm, 5um
1232X72959733-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1 X 30mm, 3.5um
1232X73959936-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6 X 30mm, 3.5um
1232X74959946-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X50mm, 5um
1232X76959731-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X30mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232X78959931-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X30mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232X79959746-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X50mm, 5um
1232X80959943-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6 X 50mm, 3.5um
1232X83959996-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X100mm, 5um
1232X84959743-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1 X 50mm, 3.5um
1232X85959933-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6 X 75mm, 3.5um
1232X86959701-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X150mm, 5um
1232X87959793-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1 X 100mm, 3.5um
1232X88959961-306Eclipse Plus C8, 3.0 X 100mm, 3.5um
1232X89959961-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6 X 100mm, 3.5um
1232X91959741-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X50mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232X94959941-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X50mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232X95959993-306Eclipse Plus C8, 3.0X150mm, 5um
1232X97959763-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X150mm, 3.5um
1232X98959963-306Eclipse Plus C8, 3.0 X 150mm, 3.5um
1232X99959963-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6 X 150mm, 3.5um
1232Y00959990-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X250mm, 5um
1232Y02959764-906Eclipse Plus C8, 2.1X100mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232Y04959964-306Eclipse Plus C8, 3.0X100mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1232Y06959964-906Eclipse Plus C8, 4.6X100mm, 1.8um, 600Bar
1188P46821725-901ZORBAX Eclipse Plus C18, 2.1 mm, 1.8 µm, UHPLC Guard Column