Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl Columns (fused silica PLOT)

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Restek Rt-Alumina BOND columns are highly selective for C1–C5 hydrocarbons and separate all saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon isomers above ambient temperatures. The reactivity of the aluminum oxide stationary phase is minimized, by deactivation with inorganic salts like KCl or Na2SO4, to improve column response for polar unsaturates, such as dienes, and the column’s sensitivity (or response) ensures linear and quantitative chromatographic analysis for these compounds. Strong bonding minimizes particle generation and release, which allows valve switching with minimal risk to the injection or detection systems. And because they are stable up to at least 200°C, Rt-Alumina BOND columns can be regenerated to restore full efficiency and selectivity by conditioning at their maximum temperature if water is adsorbed. High capacity and loadability give you exceptionally symmetrical peaks, making these columns ideal for volatile hydrocarbon separations at percent levels, as well as impurity analyses at ppm concentrations. Restek Rt-Alumina BOND PLOT columns are manufactured on fused silica tubing; select phases are also available on metal MXT tubing.

To ensure reproducible retention times and predictable flow behavior column to column, each Rt-Alumina BOND column is extensively tested. A hydrocarbon test mix confirms proper phase retention and selectivity. To calculate k (retention or capacity factor), which is a measure of phase retention, 1,3-butadiene is used, while selectivity is measured using retention indices for propadiene and methyl acetylene. The resolution of trans-2-butene and 1-butene is also verified and, to measure efficiency, plates per meter are checked using 1,3-butadiene.

  • Restek’s lowest polarity alumina column.
  • Low moisture sensitivity reduces the need for frequent regeneration.
  • Acetylene elutes before n-butane.
  • Methyl acetylene (impurity in 1,3-butadiene) elutes before 1,3-butadiene.
  • Stable to 200°C
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1170V9919776Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl PLOT Column 30m, 0.25mm ID, 4um
1170W0219761Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl PLOT Column 30m, 0.32mm ID, 5um
1170W0019759Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl PLOT Column 30m, 0.53mm ID, 10um
1170W0319762Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl PLOT Column 50m, 0.32mm ID, 5um
1170W0119760Rt-Alumina BOND/KCl PLOT Column 50m, 0.53mm ID, 10um